Welcome to the Clinical 2 Wiki!

Wikis are a collaborative website where users can add and edit web pages. They are a powerful way of sharing thinking space with your collaborators.

For this class, each group will be assigned a disease condition. You will be responsible for creating the Wiki page for that disease. You can add text, video, pictures, graphs, etc. You can create sub-pages and links pages together. Whatever you feel has high educational impact can be used on your Wiki page.

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Your main page has already been created under Clinical conditions. At a minimum you should include:
· Disease definition
· Causes
· Symptoms and Signs
· Medical Treatment
· Dietary treatment
· References

If well developed, these Wiki pages will be a valuable study guide for the exams and I may take exam questions from them.
Each group will receive up to 25 pts for their Wiki page.

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After you have had fun developing your page, other class members will have the opportunity to review it for suggested edits. Remember, this is a collaborative project! When developing projects, we all misinterpret information, state something too ambiguously, mistype numbers, etc. Your peers will look for unintentional errors, look for ways to enhance the pages, or suggest information they feel is important. Expect to be impressed with the materials you develop as a group (I’m planning on it!).

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Each group needs to have their page complete by the deadline in the syllabus. Peer reviews will be completed at the end of the semester but you are welcome to begin reviewing the pages anytime the group indicates the page is complete.

Remember – please don’t post inappropriate materials. Your peers will be given the first opportunity to flag questionable material and I’ll be next in line.
As peer editors, you can receive 10 points. You will be assigned group pages to edit and will post your comments on the MB, as we did in Clinical 1. After peer reviews, each group will have the opportunity to make final changes to their page before the final grade is assigned.

Make this not only educational, but fun for yourself and others. Be creative in how you present your information. Use the EasyEdit button at the top of each page to develop your information. Ask questions when needed!

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